Gridster resize listener

Hello everyone,

I am looking for kibana visualization gridster resize event listener , is there some object that i could keep listening or watching for this?

Best Regards
Tarun Kumar

hi @tarun_kumar,

I assume you're developing a visualization plugin?

Most kibana visualizations use the resize checker (

Note that that's an internal API which may change.

Thanks a lot @thomasneirynck.
I am not able to use resize_checker lib and it returns me a function as -

var ResizeChecker = Private(require('ui/vislib/lib/resize_checker'));
console.log(ResizeChecker) prints me a function which contains verious functions.
I am bit new to javascripting , so how do invoke function like read() from this ResizeChecker instance?
I tried
which returns TypeError: Cannot read property '0' of undefined

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