Grok add field after CSV Filter


I have a working csv filter for a syslog event from Palo Alto (SYSTEM)

else if ([message] =~ /globalprotect/) {
csv {
	source => "message"
	columns => [
		"FUTURE_USE", "Receive Time", "Serial Number", "Type", "Content/Threat Type", "FUTURE_USE", "Generated Time",
		"Virtual System", "Event ID", "Object", "FUTURE_USE", "FUTURE_USE", "Module", "Severity", "Description",
		"Sequence Number", "Action Flags", "Device Group Hierarchy Level 1", "Device Group Hierarchy Level 2",
		"Device Group Hierarchy Level 3", "Device Group Hierarchy Level 4", "Virtual System Name", "Device Name"

mutate {
	add_tag => [ "PAN-OS_GlobalProtect"]


So and now i want to add a grok filter to split the description field into multiple fields:
GlobalProtect %{WORD:GP-VPNType} (user|client) %{WORD:GP-EventAction} %{WORD:GP-EventResult}. Login from: %{IP:GP-IP}, Source region: %{GREEDYDATA:GP-SourceRegion}, User name: %{USERNAME:GP-Username}?[.\\\",] %{GREEDYDATA:GP-Details}

The grok filter is working (tested with the debugger)

But i really don't know how to combine this two things :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for your help!

Kind Regards

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