Grok Expression "match anything until you find a number"

Hi everyone, and thank you for your help.

I'm struggling a bit because I can't write a correctly matching for Grok for this kind of pattern.
The logs I'm trying to process are structured like this (they're IP addresses):

2022-02-17 08:31:32 one_word otherstuff
2022-02-17 09:31:32 one or more word otherstuff

I'm trying to extrapolate just the "one_word" and the "one or more words" between the two IP addresses, but so far i can just either pick the first word either pick all as greedy data.
Thank you for any help!



To “match anything until you find a number” you could use \D*

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Thank you @Badger, this was actually what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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