GROK filters timeout and 'value too large' message

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Hi, I'm having problems parsing custom Apache logs. I've built custom GROKS using the debugger website. On there they match instantly but when I put them into logstash they just constantly timeout or throw the 'value too large' error message.

The logs do not have a fixed layout in terms of spacing so I am using \s*? to match that. Would that cause an issue with logstash that would not show up on the debugger site?

Sample pattern:

%{APRODLOGSTART} %{INT}\s*?(-|+)\s*?P%{INT}\s*?%{INT}b\s*?%{INT}b(%{INT:[system][apache][ratio]}%)\s*?%{INT}us\s*?%{HTTPACTION:[system][apache][action]}\s*?%{URIPATH:[system][apache][url]} %{HTTPVER:[system][apache][http_ver]}\s*?%{UNIXPATH:[system][apache][path]}\s*?"%{NOTSPACE:[system][apache][usergagent]}"\s*?"%{NOTSPACE:[system][apache][origin]}"\s*?U:%{NOTSPACE:[system][apache][unique_id]} SecIn:%{INT:[system][apache][secin]} SecOut:%{INT:[system][apache][secout]}\s*?%{TLS:[system][apache][tls_ver]}? %{CIPHER:[system][apache][ciphers]}?

I have more complex patterns running on firewall logs without a problem. It's just the apache logs that are causing problems.

Any help would be appreciated!

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I've fixed this.

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