Grok pattern not working with spaces

Hi all , I am trying to get a pattern for tbelow log in GrokDebugger site.

Jun 27 00:00:12 location2-squid2 SQUID 1624732203.029 877 TCP_MISS/200 70205 GET - HIER_DIRECT/ application/json

What I've been able to match so far is-

%{WORD:month} %{NUMBER:date} %{TIME:time} %{HOSTNAME:system} %{WORD:type} %{NUMBER:datetime}

The last match is -

"datetime": [ [ "1624732203.029" ] ]

It seems that next block 877 number is appearing after a tab. But the pattern %{WORD:month} %{NUMBER:date} %{TIME:time} %{HOSTNAME:system} %{WORD:type} %{NUMBER:datetime}\t%{NUMBER:elapsed} fails when I try to map 877 (even using multiple spaces instead of \t it dowsn't match).
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Have you tried \s+? That should match one or more spaces or tabs.

That worked. Thanks alot @Badger
Is there a good site for referencing everything related to GROK patterns and their nitty gritty details !!!

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