Grokparsefailure for same kind of logs

I have applied grokpattern to parsed logs,but it happens at kibana that some logs are parsed and some are unparsed while unparsed message is same for both,Kindly help me to find out the issue.

sample of parsed and unparsed message is attached.

grok pattern is:

`%{DATA:message_code}: %{DATA:description} %{INT:sequence_no}.*:%{IP:source.ip}/%{INT:source.port}\(LOCAL\\%{DATA:username}\).*:%{IP:destination.ip}/%{INT:destination.port}.*%{TIME:duration}.* %{NUMBER:bytes}"

Hello @Priyanka_chauhan

You can try this below grok pattern which is working for both of the above mentioned patterns

%{DATA:message_code}: %{DATA:description} %{INT:sequence_no} for %{DATA:source_mode}:%{IP:source_ip}/%{INT:source_port}\(LOCAL\\%{GREEDYDATA:source_username}\) to %{DATA:destination_mode}:%{IP:destination_ip}/%{INT:destination_port} duration %{TIME:duration} bytes %{NUMBER:bytes} \(%{GREEDYDATA:dest_username}\)

Keep Posted!!! Thanks !!!

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