Group By field?

I have documents with user_id, session_id and timestamp

How can I create a Pie chart that shows how many session_ids per user ? ( for example 50 users having 1 session_id and 70 users having 2 session_id )

Also, How can I create a timeline showing how many daily average session_ids per user

Thank you.

An easy way to show what you're looking for is with the donut chart (an option under pie chart).
Here is an example of what the configuration would look like:

instead of host.keyword you would use user_id and instead of machine.os.keyword you would use session_id.

I'll see about putting together an example of your second request if I have some cycles this afternoon.

Thank you for your reply,
I don't really want two levels of the donut.
I just want a simple Pie like this

I think I can do this only with sql ( using GROUP BY )
What do you think ?

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