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Hi. I need to take the first K characters of a string field (which is not analyzed) and aggregate on that. I know how to aggregate, but is it possible to aggregate on a derived field in ES?

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Maybe you can use a script aggregation ?

What do you mean by :

a derived field



Hi. By 'derived field' I mean something like (using SQL) LEFT(my_field, 10) as the_value. In sql I would be doing:
select the_value, count(*) from (
select LEFT(my_field, 10) as the_value from table
) aaa group by the_value
In this case the_value is a 'derived' field.

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OK, in this case the script aggregation is possible. the code should be something like that:

"script": "my_field == null ? null : my_field.substring(0, (my_field.length() > 10 ? 10 : my_field.length()))"

(not tested :wink: )


Thank you xavierfacq!

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