Group errors messages by type

So let's say we have a few dozen different types of error messages in our logs, but with no error codes by which we could easily group them. Those messages have a form that could be parsed by grok like this:

Could not open %{DATA} in %{DATA}
Host %{IP} unreachable

I want to group those messages by type. I know the correct matching expressions, I just don't want what is variable about them in my field. For example, two messages Host unreachable and Host unreachable should both get the string Host _ unreachable in a field error_type in their events.

Could you give me a hint how to best approach this? Is there a shorter way than to use if-clauses and mutate (add_field)?

You could setup multiple grok filters and patterns and add a tag for each one that matches. Asuming, of course, that each error message is unique enough for there to be grok patterns that are specific enough for each kind of error message.

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