Group service names into application group


I have configured apm for nodejs and angular and its working fine. The segregation is based on service name, however my application is combination of both and wanted to know if we can
group into one at top level and then have both services at the below level.
eg. Bank-analytics -> nodejs, angular.

Thanks and regards,
Bryce Fernandes.

Hi @Bryce_Fernandes,

Thanks for reaching out.

It seems that the feature you're describing is distributed tracing, which allows you to see the full trace that might include multiple services. Both the nodejs agent and the RUM agent have support for this feature. Please see this guide and the RUM agent docs to get started.

Once the distributed tracing is configured properly, you can see the traces in the "Traces" tab.

Hope this is helpful,

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Hi sir @Hamidreza,

Thanks for the guidance. I was looking for something similar. Will try configuring the same. Thanks for the help.:slight_smile:

Bryce Fernandes.

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