Grouping Kibana Spaces

Is there a way to create groups of Kibana spaces? I know you can control which spaces users have access to using Roles, but other than that is there a way to create a group of spaces. For instance, if there were several 'Communities of Practice' each with their own space. Another example would be if there were several 'Developer Platforms' each with their own space. My ideal would then be to have end users select one of these groups to find the space as follows:

  • Communities of Practice
    • CoP 1
    • CoP 2
    • etc...
  • Developer Platforms
    • Platform 1
    • Platform 2
    • etc...

Based on the lack of response, I'm guessing this is not a possibility (maybe in a future release). Alternatively, if anyone has advice on how they manage/organize spaces for multiple teams and use cases, I'd love to hear about it.

Hey @Tim_Mobley ,

Sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, you're right, Kibana doesn't provide such capability at this point. We hear similar requests from some of our users from time to time, but it's not our roadmap yet.

I've just filled the public issue for this feature - Advanced organization capabilities for Kibana Spaces · Issue #121416 · elastic/kibana · GitHub - please feel free to vote or comment there with your use case and any other ideas you might want to share.


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