Gsoc 2020

Hello, my name is Jay Mehta , Second Year,computer Science ,DJ Sanghavi College.I have experience in working with Reactjs, Redux and Nodejs . I would like to put my all efforts and contribute to EUI for GSoC 2020. Apart from looking and working on issues what else should I know to get started?
Jay Mehta


  1. A PR for EUI
  2. Look at the project descriptions and figure out what you want to do there in those 3 months. GSoC isn’t so much us telling you what to do, but you coming up with ideas and then we can work through it together :slight_smile:

@xeraa How are you? long time no see. For applicants to GSoC projects of EUI, I would highly recommend you to make some pull requests and draft a detailed proposal, which would be important for mentors to evaluate your candidacy.

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Hey Aaron. All going well — let's see how GSoC will turn out this year :slight_smile:

And thanks for the response. That's definitely a good tip for people wanting to apply!