Interested to contribute to EUI for GSoC 2021

I am N’nouka Stephen a student of the university of Buea, Cameroon. I am interested in open source. I found your work interesting when going through the organizations on the gsoc website. I just want to begin participating and collaborating with your team in hope of gsoc 21 next year. However, even if I miss gsoc 21, I want to gain more experience in open source collaborations.

Welcome and thanks for your interest! While we always welcome contributions, I have no idea if we will even participate in GSoC 2021 and what the projects might be. Probably the best place to get notified is to watch the project where we'd make updates for another application.

As I mentioned earlier. GSoC is an introduction to open source. I intend to collaborate wether or not I'm doing GSoC. I will love to contribute to your work..

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