GSOC 2021

Hi, I am new to this community and wanted to ask if Elastic is participating this year in the GSOC? I really like Elasticsearch and their code base and would contribute regardless, just wanted an update.

Thank you!

Hey! Thanks for your interest — we always love contributions :slight_smile:

The decision if we will participate in GSoC 2021 and with which projects will only happen in a couple of month. We'll probably know more at the end of January; I can't promise anything right now.

I am also a beginner in open source and wanted to know that elastic is going to participate in GSOC 2021 or not?

We have not decided yet. I'm not sure how the new, shorter format will work for us. And even if we decide to apply, we'll still have to wait for the acceptance from Google. So I'm afraid the final answer will take some more time.

Though any activity on is probably a good indicator that we're getting serious about it.

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