How to get started for beginners

Hey There...!
It feels really excited to talk about GSOC for beginners. But the graph of excitement tends towards the negative slope when one stucks because of lack of mentorship, proper guidelines to start and the initial steps to proceed further.
I struggeled a lot to find this forum but yet I am unable to find proper guidelines to start contribution. So I requests the respectable mentors and seniors to please guide us beginners.

Palash Jamaiwar

Welcome and thanks for your interest!

Many of our repositories have a file like That should be the best starting point.

Our colleague Greg (who was a mentor for GSoC 2020) recorded a general session "How to become an Elastic contributor" for our recent conference. You can just watch it there (free, you only need to sign in).

For GSoC 2021: We don't know if we will participate or with which projects. I hope to have a better idea at the end of January, but we will still need to wait for the official acceptance and announcement from Google. Also GSoC will change quite a bit in 2021, but they will announce that soon — we're not yet sure if this will increase or decrease the likelihood of Elastic's participation.