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Hi all,
As a beginner in elasticsearch and recent gratuate engineering id like to gain a better understanding of market requirements in order to better direct my carrer would you have any tasks or project that would enable me to put my skills to good use?

Hi @Khadija_BOUDINAR1,

Congrats on graduating! To confirm are you looking for opportunities to learn and use Elasticsearch? Or opportunities to contribute to the code base?

I would like to receive a job offer or explore freelance opportunities. I am open to both short-term and long-term projects and am ready to utilize my skills to contribute to interesting ventures. I would appreciate any information or recommendations

Thanks for clarifying. If you are open to a job at Elastic I would recommend taking a look at our careers page and open roles portal to see if there is an open role that you think may fit for you and apply if so.

In terms of projects, I would recommend trying some of the below learning sources to gain some knowledge of Elasticsearch, or to get some ideas for your own pet project to start working on:

  1. Elastic free training and quick starts
  2. Elastic Community YouTube
  3. Elastic Community Newsletter
  4. Elastic Community

If you're interested in code contributions I would recommend looking at any of our projects on GitHub. Contributing is a great way to show your skills and are relevant to employers, so do link to your GitHub profile on your CV so employers can find out what you're doing. Taking @elastic/elasticsearch as an example, look out for for hints on how to contribute to that project, for instructions on getting a particular project running locally, and issues tagged with the good-first-issue label.

It's worth noting as well that these contributing conventions are adhered to across open source projects across tech generally rather than specific to Elastic. So if you are looking at contributing to other projects you'll a similar pattern.

Despite being a long answer I hope the above resources help. Do let me know if we can be of further help or if you have any questions. :blush:


I want to take a moment to express my deep gratitude and thank you wholeheartedly for your invaluable assistance for my request. Your willingness to provide me with multiple solution has far exceeded my expectations.

I am incredibly thankful for your expertise and the generosity you have shown me. Your suggestions and advice have been immensely valuable, and thanks to your help


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