A new contributor for elastic search


My name is Hasan Jaddouh and I've been a software engineer at Noon for the past three years. Noon is very popular e-commerce company operating in the UAE. As part of my role, I handle the search engine responsible for powering the website's search feature

In addition to my professional work, I also have been engaged in competitive programming for several years, so I have relatively advanced knowledge in algorithms and data structures.

I am interested in learning and understanding the intricacies of search engine technology. that's why I decided to join the community of elasticsearch developers and contribute to the development. however, I am quite new the open source projects and contributions. I have browsed the github repo of Elasticsearch and I checked the contribution section, but I still feel stuck as I don't have experience in Java language and other related tech stack used in elasticsearch. (my strongest languages are python and C++)

I am more interested in learning and contributing to the codebase and the core functionality/features of elasticsearch on the server side. I am curious if there is any group chat used by the developers/contributors of elasticsearch? and if new members like myself can receive mentorship from experienced Elasticsearch developers? Additionally, I want to know if there's a roadmap or a designated space where upcoming plans for feature/functionality development are outlined and if there's any place where contributors are assigned development tasks other than the "issues" tab in github repo?

I appreciate any guidance or information you can provide.

Hi @hasanjaddouh and welcome!

There's a community Slack forum as well as this discussion forum, feel free to ask questions on either (or indeed both, as long as you cross-link your posts to avoid duplicated effort in answering them).

There's no public roadmap, but any open issue on Github is worth considering. The Elastic-internal developers tend not to engage much with basic questions about programming in Java because there's so much good material about learning Java out there on the web already, but you might get some help here from the community instead. There's also no formal mentorship program beyond the interaction you'll receive when you open a PR, but we do our best to guide such contributions through to completion where possible. There's also no mechanism to assign issues to community contributors, Github isn't set up that way, but it typically works fine if you just write a comment in the issue saying that you're working on it.

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