Getting Started: Contributing to Elasticsearch

Hi All,

I've been using ELK stack for sometime now and wanted to start contributing to the elasticsearch code base. I've setup the development environment and trying to understand the elasticsearch code base.

However, Since this is my first time it is not that straight forward to figure out the implementation framework just by reading the source code and debugging. It is good if I can get an overview of the elasticsearch source code, its structure and the framework.

While looking found a blog post which for some extent tries to give an overview of the elasticsearch source-code. However, it is bit outdated and lacks some bits and pieces.

Is there any resources like this that newbies can refer to get an overview of the elasticsearch implementation? Sharing that kind of resources will immensely help lot of new comers.

Thanks in Advance,

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Thank you for your interest in contributing to Elasticsearch @madumalt

Have you checked out our GitHub page for contributing?

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Hi Aaron,

Yeah I have read it and I have setup the development environment also have an understanding of the project structure.

What I'm looking for is some references for a beginner which gives more insight into the implementation.

Normally, a significantly large software implementations either adopt an already existing framework (e.g. Sping Rest) or they kind of build one on their own (either implicit or explicit). Does Elasticsearch also has something like that?


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