GSOC'20 Elastic Live Documentation

My self Shivang Ahuja. I saw the proposed project about making the documentation of Elastic interactive. I am really interested in this project.
I have a few questions regarding the same.

  1. Should we implement the code playground from scratch or use some available playgrounds like codepen? What I believe is that we should implement it on our own so that we can have full control over it and can be modified if required. also, It will be good if the playground is on the same page only (same as the documentation) and not a popup type. What do you say?

  2. To make the documentation look interactive and beautiful we might need to have some UI changes as well. Will that be fine?

  3. Further, can we add more examples to the documentation? I feel it's not sufficient.

Can you please assign me an issue to work on. I want to make Elastic an amazing project to work on.

Thank You so much!

Hi, @shivang2k

Thanks for your interest!
We won't be assigning issues for work on this project just yet, but EUI is open source and we welcome contributions for all kinds of features and changes.

We'd be open to either a fully custom solution, an integration with existing open source work, or some method in between. I think having the interactive playground inline in our documentation is something we'd really like to see.
Some UI/layout changes to the documentation examples is a reasonable expectation.
We're always looking to improve EUI documentation, so additional examples are certainly welcome, especially for real-world use cases.