Interested in ideas about EUI playground for docs project

Hii, I have keen interest in developing playground for documentation of EUI, Can you point me to someone point me to examples on what exactly has to be done. My idea is to make it similar to antd documentation eg.

Hi, @Lokesh_Rana

Thanks for your interest!
We don't have exact requirements or even a specific example we'd like to see emulated. The exciting part of this project is that we're looking for new ideas and approaches to collaborate on. The descriptions are intentionally broad to allow folks creativity. However, we have come across some concepts that we've found interesting or potentially useful. has great flexibility, which could pair nicely with EUI. has some existing work on a more full-featured integration with , although we have no plans to use Storybook, highlights a good case of structured, intentional prop toggling in a simple UI.

The real goal is to allow users a quick but powerful way to start exploring component changes in EUI, in the browser and without needing to spin up a sample project. We're open to ideas that help us get to that goal.


Hii @thompsongl, thanks for the response, I am planning to do it via react-live. However react-live has some restrictions on the kind of code you can write for eg. imports aren't necessary. For each component should the existing js code be used (after modifications) or should I create a separate file for react-live code. If existing js code is to be used, can you suggest some resources to help with editing the code string.

Thanks for your continued interest, @Lokesh_Rana

We're not quite to the point where our team can get into specific reviews or code feedback for GSOC projects. It is important that you go through the entire application process (