Student introduction for GSoC 2020


I am Amit Kumar Singh, from Ranchi University. I am looking to work with Elastic for GSoC 2020. I am interested in working in the development of Project-2: Playground / Toggle System for Live Documentation.

I will try to submit the proposal ASAP only after sending a PR as I still have around 8 days.

I am trying to fix the issue
All I wanna know is, how I can see the issue? How to reproduce and see it so that I get a clear understanding of the issue

I have set up the project for development and its working fine. Please mentors, if you can help me out in a short time, it will be great.


Hey, @amitsin6h

Exciting to hear you want to help EUI!

To replicate issue #2483, you'd need to create or modify an example environment in which "the component's props change more frequently than the auto-refresh interval" (from Temporarily duplicating or modifying src-docs/src/views/super_date_picker/super_date_picker.js, for example, could be a good starting place.

Then, you'd need to make a contrived interval/timeout callback that updates some prop on EuiSuperDatePicker at a rate that is faster than the rate set by the refreshInterval prop.