[hadoop] control of inputsplit number

Hello there.

I'm working with the Hadoop-ElasticSearch jar to distribute an algorithm
over a sharded index.
The processing is fairly simple : performing a given task on each document
inside the index.

As the algorithm only works on one document, it can be distributed and
Therefore I put it in a MapReduce job, within the mapper. No reducer is

Currently, the index has 6 shard, and consequently, my algorithm is run in
parallel in 6 different mappers.
But the index contains about 3 millions documents, and each map process
(sequentially) about 500 000 documents, which takes 4 hour in average.

I'd like to have more mappers executed in parallel.

I read on the documentation that associating an InputSplit per Shard is
done in purpose. I can change the number of shard, but I wonder if there
was an alternative.

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