Hadoop-Elasticsearch upsert not working using 'scripted_upsert'

Hi, I'm trying to upsert into an ES index using ES-hadoop connector and a groovy script.
First run, it always upsert document instead of running script, regarthless "scripted_upsert" is set to true or not. Second time, script runs ok.

Based on ES docs:

"If you would like your script to run regardless of whether the document exists or not — i.e. the script handles initializing the document instead of the upsert element — then set scripted_upsert to true"

Does anyone know if this is a missing feature in the ES-hadoop connector?


I think there is already an open issue for this: https://github.com/elastic/elasticsearch-hadoop/issues/538.

@costin do you know the ETA for this issue/feature?

Maybe 2.3 - any issue update/change will be reflected directly in the issue tracker.

@costin thanks.