HALP! Changing two backslashes to one!

So, I thought this would be trivial, right?

gsub => ["message","\\\\","\\"]

but... nop, it doesn't work. Logstash no like it. There's this field with domain and username that comes out as domain\\username from the log message. Everything else is already working nicely, but when I uncomment that specific line...

Expected one of #, {, ,, ] at line

Never mind, it was just ruby_debug log escaping a single backslash...

In case you ever do need to do it (or someone's forum search gets a hit on your title) it is hard to get logstash to allow a backslash before the closing quote surrounding a string, so you represent each backslash using one occurrence of the character class that only includes backslash, then use a capture group in the replacement string

mutate { gsub => [ "someField", "([\\])[\\]", "\1" ] }
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