Replace double backslashes // with one / in a string

how can I replace the double backslashes with only one?
input: domain\\user
expected output: domain\user

i have tried several methods without success. I could only remove it in this way, but it's not what's needed:

  mutate {
	gsub => ["message", "[\\]", ""]

sample line of input:

"message":"1,2019/01/25 23:59:59,0011C104451,TRAFFIC,end,2049,2019/01/25 23:59:59,,,,,Allow MXX-MYY,\user,,ldap,vsys4,GMPLS Internal,GMPLS External,ethernet1/12,ethernet1/15,Logging_Shared,2019/01/25 23:59:59,73227,1,54036,389,0,0,0x1b,tcp,allow,"

thank you

That's the standard way to do it. Why is it not what's needed? Another approach is to use config.support_escapes .

Hi Badger,
Thank you. I would like to replace the double backslashes with one backslash. Not to remove them

Oh, OK, I didn't get that. You could change double backslash to single using a similar regexp that matches two backslashes with a capture group to keep the second one...

gsub => [ "message", "[\\]([\\])", "\1" ]
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thank you so much, that solved it

how would it be possible to replace the \" with " ?
i could only remove them this way

gsub => ["message", "[\\\"]", ""]

gsub => [ "message", '[\\]"', '"' ]

should work

thanks alot

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