Handling Time Zones and Daylight saving time

Hi guys,

I've got a user case where a customer is struggling to get the right aggregations due to the Daylight saving time.

We are applying the offset factor (eg -01:00) and seems like it isn't enough.

I've read a topic here (below) which states that, in order to get it right, I gotta provide the ID (e.g. "US/Central") .

Is it true?

Yes, using the raw offset of -01:00 will not take daylight savings time into account if your query spans a daylight savings time change. Instead pass in a timezone ID. Using a timezone ID like "US/Central", "Australia/Sydney", etc makes ES aware of daylight savings time even if the change happens during the span of your query.

When I was using a -0500 offset and doing a query that spanned the fall daylight savings time change with 1h intervals I was getting one additional bucket. Changing to US/Central gave me the expected number of buckets.

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Thanks @yeppers

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