Hardware Configuration for ELK

Hi -
We are trying to setup Elastic Search Server in the Production with the 3 nodes ( 1 Master and 2 Data Node) with 1 TB and 64 GB Ram each, and I would like to know which Operating System would give better performance. We have Windows 2012 R2, Windows- 7 and Ubuntu. And also we are in talks with EU Elastic Team to get on the x-pack. Would someone please suggest. Thanks !


If you have 3 nodes in your cluster, they should all be master-eligible, as that will give you high availability. You can have all three nodes be master/data or have one of them on a smaller host as a dedicated master node.

As per the official support matrix Windows 7 is not a supported operating system, but both Windows Server 2012/R2 and Ubuntu are.

Ok @Christian_Dahlqvist , I'd get 3 Data Nodes and one small host as a Master Node. And do you also suggest to have a client node? b'coz we receive few huge queries from the dashboards quite often. Thanks !

If you plan on having 3 data nodes I would make these master/data and skip the fourth dedicated master node. If you realise load on the servers is likely to be high you may later introduce dedicated master nodes. If you are going to use Kibana, a coordinating-only node is often deployed with the Kibana server.

Thanks for the suggestions @Christian_Dahlqvist. .
When we were running in the staging environment, we had high load across the data nodes. So, I'd go with the dedicated master node.
Yes, we use Kibana and also make few Rest API calls quite often, we will also deploy the Coordinating node for the client. Do you suggest the hardware configuration for the Coordinating node as same as data nodes. Please let me know. Thanks !

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