Hardware recommandation for ELK 5

My company plan to install ELK 5.
Before this, we need to configure a server.

For ELK 2.X, there was a documentation about how to configure hardware :

Is this documentation valid for ELK 5 ?
If no, is there a similar documentation for ELK 5 ?

Advices on this page are very good to be followed for 5.0 as well.

There is no official version of this doc yet for 5.0 but this part looks still valid to me.

My 2 cents.


You might also check out the bootstrap check docs:


Those are checks run on what is most likely a production deployment before Elasticsearch even starts to safeguard users against system configurations that are known causes for data loss.

Hope this helps,

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I did not know this feature.
I will read this.

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