Has anyone tried to load edifact or x12 messages

hello all ,
has anyone tried to load x12 or edifact message using logstash/kibana.

basically my requirement is simple.. I have the x12 or edifact messaged saved in a directory.

i just need to pull that file and load the message in kibana. I dont need to parse or whatsover in the file.

  1. Just pull it from a directory in the my file is "C:/edifact/*edu"
    type => "edi"
    path => "C:/edifact/*edu"
    start_position => "beginning"
    sincedb_path => "NUL"

  2. Heres an example of an x12 file looked like.

  3. I just want the entire data pulled from the directory and reflected in message example below.
    and i dont need need to parse.


  1. what should be the filter for such kind of format.
    i tried to not put anything in the folder but what happened is that in ELK for each line for the file, it created me one entry in ELK

If you want an event to contain multiple lines from the file then use a multiline codec.

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thank you badger..I will try. appreciate.

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