Has anyone used chunked encoding with Kibana?

I'm using chunked encoding in a proxy to send empty strings before Elasticsearch's response to Kibana. When I inspect the response in Chrome, I'm able to see the JSON as I normally would, with the headers for Chunked Encoding. But Kibana frontend does not receive that response, it instead receives null, and throws the following error:

"Cannot read property "foreach" of undefined":

Has anyone else run into this error or managed to use chunked encoding correctly with Kibana?

Is your proxy interacting with the response sent from Elasticsearch in any way? It seems the response is formatted slightly different from what Discover expects, but also parts of it are still working (since the 109,511 hits label is rendering correctly). Can you try comparing the result from your proxy with the result directly from Elasticsearch in something like http://www.jsondiff.com/?

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