Has_child with score_type avg returns _score: Infinity

When searching using a has_child query I'm getting results with the score
Infinity, sadly they aren't the best results or that would be fine. I'm
struggling to try and figure out what could be causing the issue. As far as
I can tell the parent/child relationships are fine, the parents that are
returned have children, but the children with infinite scores aren't the
highest scorers when I run the query directly on the child type.

Strangely, If I don't include the name of the parent in the url then I
don't get Infinity (that is my current work around)

http://localhost:9200/test/parent/ - returns Infinity results
http://localhost:9200/test/ - returns non-Infinity results

I'm running version 0.90.3

I've been unable to reproduce this behavior with a sample data set, I'm
running about 5 million records, 1.2M are parent. I'm hoping someone with
some familiarity with ES internals will have an ah-ha moment and shed some

Here is an example query

"query": {
"has_child": {
"score_type": "avg",
"query": {
"text": {
"color": {
"query": "Blue"
"type": "child"
"from": 0,
"explain": true,
"size": 10


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