Has Logstash been deprecated to use in Windows?


I wanted to know whether Logstash has been completely deprecated to use with Windows OS such as Windows 8, Windows 10 etc.

As per the documentation, there is no clarity whether Logstash is supported on Windows. However, Logstash 5.1.1 still provides zip file which is used with Windows.

But there is one thing in the documentation in Installing Logstash section i.e.
Do not install Logstash into a directory path that contains colon (":") characters

On Windows, it is not at all possible to install in any directory path which will not contain colon characters.

PS: Please mention it clearly in the documentation that Logstash is not supported for Windows & also do not provide the zip package of Logstash-5.1.1.

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Logstash 5.1.1 is still supported for Windows, though Windows 7 is no longer supported. The colon in a drive letter is acceptable. It is colons in other parts of the path that are not.

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Thanks Aaron.

Can Windows OS be added in the following link:-

It creates a lot of confusion for people using Windows as there isn't much clarity on which Windows OS are supported & which aren't. Ideally it should be mentioned in the documentation that Windows 8 onwards is supported.

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"The tables below display platform and software configurations that are eligible for support under our subscription offerings."

The support matrix is officially about "support," rather than being a compatibility chart. These are the operating systems that we will "support," if you are a customer. As such, we do not provide support for non-server versions of Windows as a runtime environment for Logstash, even though it will run in those environments.

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