Has_parent does not support filter

Hello, I'm new to ElasitcSearch and struggling a bit trying to learn the
query syntax. Spent ages trying to get a query working that searches
children and uses a filter on parent, specifically find all persons named
Jim within a given geo distance of a branch location, like this:

"query" : {
"filtered": {
"query": {
"match" : {
"person_name": "jim"
"filter" : {
"has_parent" : {
"type" : "branch",

"filter" : {
"geo_distance" : {
"distance" : "5mi",
"location" : {
"lat" : 40.00,
"lon" : -74.00

This gives an error that has this in it: nested:
QueryParsingException[[places] [has_parent] query does not support
But this page:
seems to say that this is valid syntax. Confused over what syntax is
allowed where. How would I do a query like this? Is it even possible? I
don't really want to try de-normalizing all my data, just too much of it.

The geo location part by itself as a query works fine, it seems any kind of
filter inside has_parent gives the same error.

Also, pretty minor, but is there any way to strip off all those literal
'\n' and '\t' characters that are in my nicely formatted request but are
then returned in the 400 error response? 90% of my responses right now are
errors while I learn this stuff and they make it hard to read! Without them
the response would be much easier to read in a json formatter such as one
of the chrome plugins.

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