Having 0 shard for cluster elastisearch

Hi friend, i have 3 container elasticsearch. I am assuming it should crete 5 shard for each container as 1 index in each container and each container have multiple shard/ When I fired shards api, i getting 0. Please advice what configuration i must. for testing my data is small


It'd be useful if you showed the output from that command :slight_smile:

index               shard prirep state   docs  store ip         node
index-name20210820 0     p      STARTED    1 49.9kb es3
index-name20210820 0     r      STARTED    1 49.9kb es1

can you help me which is better single index or multiple index. i read alot till i not sure what the best choice. i will have roughly 2 gb data per index if only based on environment. wont this be slow? as it need under 2gb data. it is better create small index based log name so when it search it will be slow. I very confuse in creating index what is correct approach.

what are pros and cons of multiple index. i saw it state will create multiple shards. so what happen if create multiple shards

It depends. Have a read of Size your shards | Elasticsearch Guide [7.14] | Elastic to start.

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