Haystack, the Search Relevance Conference, is coming to London on Oct 2nd 2018


Following the successful (and sold out!) Haystack event in the USA earlier this year, we're bringing a special one-day Haystack conference to London on October 2nd:

Speakers include Doug Turnbull, co-author of Relevant Search, Karen Renshaw , Head of Search and Content for Grainger Global Online and previously Head of Search for RS Components and Alessandro Benedetti , Founder and director of Sease Ltd. and Apache Committer.

Hope to see some of you there!




I have seen the talks lining up, and they have a lot of hard-hitting technical content focused on relevance that goes beyond the buzzwords to real, practical solutions :slight_smile: I look forward to being there!

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Want to learn about Learning to Rank? Discover new methods and tools for measuring search relevance and quality? Find out how to build a relevance tuning team and tune search - from those who have done so for billion-pound businesses? See cutting edge ways to visualise queries and search results? Hear from the authors of books published by Manning, Morgan Kaufman and Packt Publishing? If so check out our full agenda for 2nd October in London!

Tickets are limited so get yours now.