Announcing Haystack: The Search Relevance Conference!

At OpenSource Connections, our mission is to empower the world's best search teams! As part of making your org awesome, we're proud to announce Haystack, the Search Relevance Conference!

I have spoken with a ton of folks in the Elasticsearch community about search relevance issues. At OpenSource Connections, we've helped with projects like Elasticsearch Learning to Rank and written Relevant Search to help teach people the art and science of relevance tuning.

To continue that tradition, we're hosting a 2 day conference, April 10 and 11 at our headquarters in Charlottesville Virginia for only $75 to cover our costs. We want to bring together folks across top companies working on the toughest relevance and discovery engineering problem without the fluff! Everything here is intended to be in the trenches, real life, painful stories of real lessons learned and hard won victories!

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Just a quick reminder CFP for our search relevance conference is this Friday, Jan 19. So be sure to Submit Your CFP if you're interested!