Heartbeat 7 rpm package is missing the Kibana/7 folder with dashboards

When installing the Heartbeat package (rpm on CentOS) and configuring the Kibana config file and doing a # sudo heartbeat setup --dashboards the /usr/share/heartbeat/kibana/7 dir is missing so nothing gets configured - dashboard wise - on the Kibana side. Anyone got the same problem..
I've unzipped the 6.6 tar.gz and copied it to the 7 dir, ran the setup again and it works fine..

@wazari we're focusing our efforts on the new uptime app for Heartbeat 7/Kibana 7, which is why we've removed the dashboard. Have you given it a shot? If not, please do and let us know what you think?

It covers all the protocols instead of just HTTP. While it does have more features in general, it doesn't have all the HTTP features of the current dashboard yet, we're hoping to make many improvements going forward in the 7.x series.

Hi Andrew, thanks.. where is this app located? As i installed a brand new 7 system (es, kibana and heartbeat - all 7) and wanted to use the uptime part..

@Andrew_Cholakian1 - as if you look at the doc of 7 there is still the line : heartbeat setup --dashboards.. But as the Kibana dashboards are not part of the rpm package you'll get an error.

It's on the left side bar, labeled uptime

Ha Andrew, yep.. That's the one i mean... So we're talking about the same. So this one doesn't have to have the Kibana/7 dashboard installs anymore? Then the HB 7 docs need to be modified..



Yes, thanks for the heads up, we'll fix the docs :slight_smile:

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