HeartBeat ICMP question

Hi Team,

I am new in Heartbeat/ELKStack, can you please help me to understand below points:-

  • Can we use Heartbeat as an opensource?

  • IS there any limitation to configure IP/host for ICMP Monitoring, I have 3000+ servers, so can I monitoring ICMP for all 3000 servers through Heartbeat?

  • If I'll put all hosts details in a file and heartbeat will use that file and monitor ICMP for all hosts. If it's possible, how can I do this.


Yes, you can download a pure OSS version of heartbeat. However, you can use the regular version of heartbeat in most situations for free that has extra features.

3000 servers is a very light load for heartbeat to monitor. We have users monitoring many times that from a single instance.

Please see the heartbeat monitor docs for info on configuration.