HeartBeat : missing pings


I'm using hearbeat for monitoring my java application. I have some problems with the pings, when my application is really slow, hearbeat does not log the pings in elasticsearch. It's like hearbeat is stopped but it is not the case. Do you know why?


It might be useful to see the Heartbeat logs during the time window when pings were not being indexed into Elasticsearch. Could you post those here please, delimited by ``` for easy reading? Thanks!

that's my problem also, there is no logs for the pings. I mean i don't have any information about in the the logs files. It's like hearbeat stops doing the pings because my application is too slow.
FYI,I see the heartbeat logs for pings of the other applications ( i'm monitoring 4 applications at the same time).

Even if your application is slow heartbeat will timeout after default 16 seconds. You can increase the timeout value.

Btw which heartbeat version are you using?

I agree with you , i don't understand this problem. My timeout is 16, i don't know if increasing the value, it will work.
I'm using heartbeat-7.9.3-linux-x86_64.

This would be a bug, but I'd be a bit surprised given the heavy usage heartbeat sees. Can you share your config?

This is my file monitor1.http.yml:

I tried different timeout values, that didn't change anything.

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