Heartbeat Not Sending Logs to Elasticsearch/Kibana

I have elk stack setup and working. I used docker-elk, which is up on github and it pulling Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana versions 6.2.4. I then pulled the docker image for Heartbeat 6.3.0. I was able to start it and an index is showing up in my Kibana. I was even able to setup the default dashboard that comes with Heartbeat.

The problem is no data is showing up. It just says, "no results found" in Kibana. I wonder if there is something wrong in my heartbeat.yml file that's making it so logs aren't sending correctly. Below are the contents of that file with the actual url's masked with "x". Am I doing something wrong? In the heartbeat.monitors hosts section, I'm just using the server address that my elk is installed on. Same for the urls. It's just the root directory of a centos server.


  • type: http
    schedule: '@every 5s'
    hosts: ["http://xxx..xx.xx.x"]
  • type: icmp
    schedule: '*/5 * * * * * *'
    hosts: ["http://xxx..xx.xx.xx"]
    mode: any

hosts: ['xxx..xx.xx.xx:9200']

host: "xxx..xx.xx.xx:5601"

Could you share your full heartbeat config file with ticks around it to have it formatted and the heartbeat log file? From there we should be able to see if any events are sent.

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