Heartbeat on elastic agent

Hi there,

we're using EFK in k8s and beats for a while now and want to migrate our beats to elastic agent.
I've setup the agents to use the fleet server and i'm also able to configure the inputs trough Kibana.
But i'm stuck with migrating heartbeat to elastic agent. The only integration i can find is 'Synthetics' but there is no option for kubernetes auto discovery and to use hints in annotations.

Within the elastic-agent image all binaries are there, also for heartbeat but i can't find a way to configure heartbeat like with the heartbeat.yml.

I'm i overlooking something or do i haven't seen the option to use k8s autodicovery and hint based uptime monitors?
Or is it simply not possible?


I believe that heartbeat currently runs under the synthetics integration (currenly in beta) under the agent Elastic Synthetics | Elastic Documentation

Yes but there is no autodiscover functionality(as far as i've seen). Or is there anything?
We've 200+ services which needs to be in that. It would be a mess to have a single synthetic integration for each of them

Unfortunately you are correct, however hints based autodiscovery is already on our backlog: Add support for hints' based autodiscovery in kubernetes provider · Issue #662 · elastic/elastic-agent · GitHub

Alright. At least I have not overlooked anything.

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