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Is there any plans for Elastic to incorporate network discovery in their Heartbeat/Synthetics?

The current method would be we would have to create icmp monitors manually to create a monitor in Heartbeat/Synthetics.

With network discovery, we can possible run a scheduled network icmp discovery, that will scan for any network devices in a network. The results lets us know which devices are out there and based on the interval if they are down or up. (Its quicker than manually inputting every IP/Host like Synthetics)

Hi @erikg,

Thanks for your interest in Synthetics!

Heartbeat standalone supports several discovery plugins. Due to some constraints, these are not part of the Synthetics offering at the moment.

If you have a use case that is not supported and you'd like it to be considered, I'd like to encourage to open an issue over a our public repo explaining it in detail, so that we can discuss internally and prioritize accordingly.

Hope that helps!

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Opened feature request:
[Heartbeat/Synthetics] Network Discovery Functionality · Issue #38145 · elastic/beats (github.com)

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