Heatmap and ipv4 prefixes insertion but not manually

I'm using ipv4 prefixes for x and y axis in a heatmap. suppose i wanted to enumerate 100 prefixes-- or 1000 and apply to both x and y axis. is there a way i can create a list of prefixes without going through manual add prefix UI approach?

First of all, 1000+ values in a heatmap will be pretty unreadable, but the only way I could think of not adding them by hand would be to add 2 or 3, then save the heatmap, export it from the Saved Objects menu, open it with a text editor to figure out the pattern on how they are added in the .ndjson file and then create a script that adds them to the ndjson file. Finally, import the new ndjson file and you have your heatmap with 100 or 1000 prefixes.

Thanks. I'll give that a try.

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