Heatmap respect X or Y axis metric, not both

Im trying to make a calendar with heatmap vizualization. Sum of field group by week number and week day. And this works when i use histogram aggregate for week day.

But i want to use the week days in text (Mon, Tue, Wed), not in number (1, 2, 3), aggregating by term and sort by a custom metric, aggregating by the week days in number, but the X axis sort dont work. When I search for this problem, people say to inverte the axis priority, but when I do, the X axis is right and Y is wrong. What can I do? (sorry for some english error)

I see you opened an issue for this. Have you tried sorting the Terms aggregation by the numeric value of the week?

Yes, im alredy doing this (in custom metric). But my problem is the X axis, where im trying to sorting by day of week

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