Helm Elastic APM

(Clay Gorman) #1

Hey there,

I am attempting to use https://github.com/helm/charts/tree/master/stable/apm-server and notice its a daemonset that doesnt appear to expose the 8200 port to the host.

I was wondering if anyone has advice on how I connect my pod to the local apm running on the same host with this chart?

Thanks in advance

(Esseti) #2

same problem here, I can't figure it out.. any news from your side?

(Michelle Sausa) #3

We are aware of that chart, but it was not built by us nor is it currently maintained by us. We are, however, actively looking into releasing and maintaining our own Helm charts.

(Esseti) #4

Since that is stable, and deploys a DaeomnSet, why don't you just update that one? same for the filebeat: there's an helm that does (afaik) the same as the script you have in the official tutorial, why not using the helm?

(Clay Gorman) #5

I ended up adding host_port in combination with https://bravopooper.wordpress.com/2017/07/17/communicating-with-local-daemon-set-pods-in-kubernetes/

I ended up getting it working but I am not that happy with it.

(Esseti) #6

Thanks.. anyway, for my usecase this seems to be an overkill for the helm. I just need 1 apm or maybe 2 to handle the only one service that use apm. having 1 per node is probably too much.

(system) #7

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