Help 1.x to 5.x search_type=count and size=0

(Karl Putland) #1

I have a large query that I just need aggregations on.

In 1.7 I used search_type=count and the query runs fine.
in 5.x That option is no longer available, so I try size=0 and the query... adapted from filtered to bool w/ filter context is trying to return 1.5GB of data and stalls.

  "query": {
    "bool": {
       "filter": {
         "should": [ ... big giant filter list ...]
  "aggs": {
    "SOME_AGGS": { ... }
  "size": 0

2017-04-12 17:30:19,897 - urllib3.connectionpool - DEBUG - http://eshost:9200 "GET /myindex/_search?ignore_unavailable=true&size=0 HTTP/1.1" 200 1548845902

(Simon Willnauer) #2

size: 0 is the right replacement. It's equivalent to count I suspect your issue is inside the filter. Try to run it without the aggs part and see how many docs it returns and how many it should.

(system) #3

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