Help, cant elect master

I have a six node cluster trying to upgrade to 7 from 6.8. Can't elect a master. Each node is a docker container on seperate machines. The config files on master are set: "docker-cluster" "bex"
node.master: true true

# minimum_master_nodes need to be explicitly set when bound on a public IP
# set to 1 to allow single node clusters
# Details:
# discovery.zen.minimum_master_nodes: 2
path.repo: ["/backups", "/nfsbackup"]

    - TRACE


Nodes are called bex, el3, el4.

Log sample bex:

Log sample el3:

Any help enormously appreciated!

What is your value in each node? can you share your elasticsearch.yml config file?

I read that had been depreciated in favour of seed nodes.

Your'e right.

I have same problem when I upgraded to 7.x

shutdown all cluster
update all elasticsearch.yml file and add following

cluster.initial_master_nodes: ## keep node1 as master at first try.

Start all elasticsearch.
once cluster up you can remove this line as now it will automatically elect master node.

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