HELP! Fuzzyness of skirt-shirt

We have a index of products . I have used a copy_to function to copy brand, product_title to full_data .

Search is done very simple

  'query' => [

                      'match' => [


                            'query'=> $search_query,
                             'fuzziness'=> "AUTO",


                       ] ]

Everything works perfect, untill person will search for

kenzo skirt girl . Because fuzzyness is on, skirt is also transfered to shirt and all shirts are shown too.
How to forbid elasticsearch to make fuzzy some specific words ?

Fuzzy query has a number of settings to influence fuzzy search. One of them that may help you is prefix_length. If you set "prefix_length"=2, 2 first characters will not be “fuzzified”, and your search for "skirt" will not return "shirt".

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