Help importing text file split by |

Hey all,

I have multiple text files i am trying to import what i currently have imports the text files but ideally i need to split each line.

the lines of the text files i am importing look like


What i would like to do is import the text file have the bit before the | named as tag and the second part named as url

I tried as a CVS with the delimiter as | but no joy kept erroring out.

input {
file {
         type => "app"
         path => ["/home/u/archives/urlteam_2021-02-27-21-17-02/goo-gl/______.txt"]
         start_position => "beginning"
         sincedb_path => "/dev/null"

output {
stdout {
 codec => dots
elasticsearch { 
hosts => [""] 
index => "urlhunter"


What configuration did you try and what error did you get?

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