Help kibana did not load properly. check the server output for more information

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l used the elasticsearch 6.5.4 and kibana6.5.4 . but l find the error as title when l open the kibana by the f12,l get the error as below. many thanks for help.


Hello @nmgxamdzq

Can you share the kibana server console error so we can investigate?


(nmgxamdzq) #3

thanks for your reply,I reproduced the error scene,the log of kibana& chrome as below.

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What puzzles me is this mistake does not occur every time,and l find that the chrome can not connect the vendors.bundle.js which is 12M size when error.


It seems that you have a problem connecting to the Elasticsearch cluster. Since when did you start getting this problem? The fact that sometimes it connects sometimes not is indeed strange.

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There have been problems since the kibana installation.l installed the kibana on the es master node,and all IP are intranet IP.Interestingly,no error occurred when l open the kibana by the firefox.Is it because chrome can't load the huge js?


I don't think this error is browser related. In the logs from the kibana server that you sent I don't see any error though. Isn't there anything else in the logs that could help debug the error?